Hello Hello! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I have posted to my blog everyone. Any who, thanks for stopping by again! I can’t believe it’s 2017. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the new year so far! To be completely honest, I’ve been caught up in trying to make this a career; music journalism. And in the wakes of that, I’ve lost sight of what I like doing…which is writing and listening to music! So I’m back!

With the new year, I’m going to make it a goal to post at least once a month, because I enjoy doing this and I hope you enjoy reading it as well. I want to make sure I’m publicizing these bands/artists that I enjoy too. Every vote matters, right? (Not that I’m voting here, just giving opinions and whatnot…)

Okay, so…

this month…

I want to give some attention to my main man:

JD McPherson.

Have you heard of him? Maybe, maybe not. Chances are you are sitting there saying, “No”. Okay…well good! And at the same time…that’s a shame! Because JD McPherson is an incredible artist.

JD McPherson really pays homage to old school rock n roll. The first time I discovered him I thought, “Wow! This is some pretty cool old rock! I gotta look this guy up.” I was so surprised to find out his first full length album was released in 2011. Seriously, my jaw dropped. His sound is just so authentic, that it felt as if I was teleported back to the 50’s and 60’s rock era. Really, everything about him screams that era. His voice, his musical style, his personal style. I mean…look at this guy!


Okay now…did you know that he wasn’t always an artist? Sure he might have played, but that wasn’t his career.

Guess what he was doing?

Did you guess? No?

I’ll give you a minute…

He was a…wait for it…

Am I driving you nuts yet?

He was a school teacher! That’s right…he was in the art department teaching greasy hormonal kids at the Tulsa, Oklahoma middle school. So how did he go from teaching at a middle school, to creating awesome classic/new rock? (It’s hard to put a label on his music because of how it’s ironic, wouldn’t you agree? New rock that sounds classic…how do you label that? Shout out in the comments if you know how to…)

Did he quit teaching? Nope…he was fired! In a Rolling Stone interview he is quoted as saying,

“I kind of saw it coming…When it happened, I was kind of relieved in a way, because it was getting really hairy. You would be amazed how much of a shark tank it is.”

So there you have it! He used the time he had from unemployment to work on his music career. He mentions in the same interview that the timing was just perfect. With a wife and a kid, he couldn’t quit a stable job to pursue a dream job. But with unemployment in play, being fired, it gave him the opportunity to try it out. And…it paid off.

JD has since produced two rocking albums: Signs and Signifiers and Let The Good Times Roll.

So…here is where I would talk about some of my favorite songs, and why I like them. However…I had some real difficulties with that and it got really long. And so…I’m going to put it in another post if you want to check that out. If not, in short, please please please check out both albums. Signs and Signifiers feels more upbeat, and more influenced by 50’s and 60’s rock. You will find more blues, R&B influence in Let The Good Times Roll.

I do want to point out one specific song though, since it isn’t in either album. The song is Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day. This song is beautiful. I really love this song because it’s simple, mostly made up of some electric guitar. The story he is able to tell though, of wanting to gain this girls love, is truly great. Using Rome as an illustration, he shows that he is willing to put in work for this girls love, even though he may be at it for a really long time.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that JD McPherson is truly a talented person. Being able to gap old school rock with contemporary music and new listeners; that’s a talent. I can’t wait to see what else he releases, as I’m sure it will have all the soul and honesty that  his other music holds.

Want to listen to him now? Just listen to him now. Or not…whatever.

Either way, here are some links to his albums as well as the “Rome” song, mentioned above. It’s found on The Warm Covers EP.

Signs and Signifiers

Let The Good Times Roll

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day


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