Hello all! I already am failing at keeping to my “post once a month” promise. But here’s to a new month! This month I wanted to share one of my favorite artists with you…Alina Baraz. She is an up and coming artist, who definitely deserves  praise and attention! As usual, just gonna take a little time and give you some fun facts, talk about her music thus far, aanndd give you a couple of must listens in my opinion. Before we dive on in, I just want to take a second and clarify a few things. First, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my posts, as this is something that I really enjoy doing and hope you enjoy reading! Second, I’ve been thinking more about how much of a precious thing time is…so I’m going to try my best to keep my posts between 500-1,000 words. Time to time I might get carried away…but I want to make my posts something you can read quickly, and walk away feeling like you learned something about a new artists! I just have to remember not to turn them into full-blown novels! Okay so here we go.

Alina Baraz, for the longest time, was a mystery. Who was she? Where is she from? What does she look like? Over time though, more interviews have taken place, and she has been more open about herself. As it turns out she is based out of LA. However, she is originally from somewhere close for us that live in Pittsburgh…Ohio! True story. She is originally from Ohio. How did she end up in Cali though? Simple. In an interview she shares that she simply told her mom she wanted to move there to pursue her dreams of becoming a musician. And there you have it!

Alina’s first EP Urban Flora has an interesting story. For that EP, she collaborated with Galimatias; an electronic artist from Denmark. What makes their collaboration so interesting is that they never actually met when making the EP. Everything was done online. They didn’t actually meet until after the whole project was done!

Now to the music! Alina Baraz has such a unique style about her. If I had to classify her music, I would put it somewhere in down tempo electronic/alternative R&B/soul…somewhere in there. (I swear classifying music is getting so much more difficult than it used to be!) However you choose to classify her music, I think all that listen to her can agree that it’s unique in a good way and really pulls you in. Some artists can become dull in their lyrical writing, I have never felt that way about Alina’s writing. Her word pictures really extenuate the feelings in the songs, making it easier to connect with her music.

So, if it’s your first time listening to Alina Baraz, where should you start? Let me help you out…

“Fantasy” is a perfect first pick. Always a classic, always golden…you can’t go wrong making “Fantasy” your first listen. “Fantasy” encapsulates Urban Flora perfectly. It will give you a taste of Alina’s blissful voice, her wonderful word pictures and Galimatias’ electronic vibe.

Did you listen to “Fantasy”? Hooked? (If not well…I guess your entitled to your opinion but I must inform you that it’s wrong. Sorry.) Okay so feel free to listen to whatever you want next by her. Looking for my second for a first listener?

I’m gonna have to go with “Pretty Thoughts – FKJ Remix”. Now…this probably seems unorthodox…why the heck would I give you a remix second?? Here’s my reasoning. Alina’s music is very much downtempo. So you may start listening to all of Urban Flora and say, “This isn’t doing it for me”. But let me reassure you…her music is awesome! You just might not be in the mood for downtempo. And that’s fine! Hence the remix. The “Pretty Thoughts – FKJ Remix” will give you a break from the low key. A little more upbeat, featuring some awesome piano, an awesome bass line…it’s one of my favorite remixes.

My last suggestion…”Electric”. Why? (Is this dude even a fan? That’s her newest release…) Okay okay…I can understand if you’re thinking that. Hear me out. I present Electric as your third listen because I want you to get a sense of all of Alina’s music. Electric is her single coming from her new album. So if you give this a listen, I think you’ll have a good feel for what her next album will be like.

To conclude this post, I’ll leave you with a little teaser. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. So nice to hear an acoustic song from her. It definitely showcases her voice!

Thanks for reading as always! I’m going to post again this month to make up for so much lost time!



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